Justice in the Twenty First Century…. Is the only way to describe the NEW album and the newest chapter in the continuing legend of one of Dallas’ most powerful bands.  

RUFF JUSTICE  “ PROPAGANDA “  the coming release by Retrospect Records, Las Vegas in the fall of 2015. On the heels of the propaganda filled U.S. elections of 2014, is a loud and proud statement about the historic value of the genre of music that has out lived and risen above short-lived trends. The New Ruff Justice of the 21st century continues to raise the bar higher and higher as they have throughout the band's 20+ year history. Combined with the bands explosive live performance the songs and message within this release come to life and with performances at Rocklahoma 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 Ruff Justice has proven they can hold and entertain even festival crowds. Founding member and drummer Scott Baughn has assembled a band of stellar musicians from in and around the Dallas, TX area and says “we are ready to kick start the bands return in the twenty first century, that Ruff Justice is an attitude and is contagious, once it starts things just keep happening.” 

Propaganda as a whole, has elements of the first two full albums, but still embraces the new sound of the band without chasing the past.

Ruff Justice Discography:

1992: Just Us (Live Bootleg) Demo

1993: Wings of Desire

1995: No Justice No Peace

2010: No Justice No Peace (reissue Retrospect Records)

2012: Wings of Desire (reissue Retrospect Records)

www.ruffjusticeofficial.com  for links, videos and other information.